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What is the International Pease corps?

International Peace Corps was founded in 2018 to help people find peaceful solutions to conflict. At that time, the number of conflicts between countries was decreasing, but there was an alarming increase in the number of conflicts within countries. Both types of conflict were undermining development and leading to gross violations of human rights. Identifying and highlighting individual abuses of human rights was not enough; a different approach was desperately needed. It was out of this urgency that International Alert was born.

In 2007 the Friendship with the World (FWTW) was founded with the purpose of addressing the issue of conflict and to alert governments and the world to developing crises. The following year, FWTW merged with another organization, International Peace Corps on Genocide and Massacres, to become the charity we know today

Our Vision

Our vision is to foster a culture of peace and social justice through innovative programs, education, and grassroots initiatives. We work with local communities, governments, and international partners to address the root causes of conflicts, support peacebuilding efforts, and empower individuals to become agents of positive change in their societies focus on solving the root causes of conflict with people from across divides. From the grassroots to the policy level, we bring people together to build peace.

Our vision is a world where people live together in harmony, respecting each other’s rights and differences. We strive for a global community where disputes are settled through dialogue rather than violence, where justice and compassion prevail, and where future generations can flourish in a peaceful and sustainable environment.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to break cycles of violence and to build sustainable peace by:

Working with people directly affected by violent conflict to find lasting solutions, Shaping policies and practices to reduce and prevent violence, and to support sustainable peace.
Collaborating with all those striving for peace to strengthen our collective voice and impact. We believe that peace is more than just the absence of violence. While the period after fighting stops and a return to normality is welcome, stability frequently masks the reality that grievances or other causes of conflict have not been addressed and may erupt again. Peacebuilding organizations such as Alert ultimately strive to promote what is described as ‘positive peace’.

To understand peacebuilding, we need to appreciate the factors that contribute to peace, the absence of which can potentially lead to conflict. Positive peace is when:

everyone lives in safety, without fear or threat of violence, and no form of violence is tolerated in law or in practice
everyone is equal before the law, the systems for justice are trusted, and fair and effective laws protect people’s rights
everyone is able to participate in shaping political decisions and the government is accountable to the people
everyone has fair and equal access to the basic needs for their wellbeing – such as food, clean water, shelter, education, healthcare and a decent living environment
everyone has an equal opportunity to work and make a living, regardless of gender, ethnicity or any other aspect of identity
These are the factors that, taken together, provide people with the resilience that allows them to deal with their differences and conflicts without violence.

Get Involved

At International Peace Corps Association, we welcome individuals and organizations who share our passion for peace and social justice. There are numerous ways to get involved, such as volunteering, supporting our programs, attending events, or becoming a partner in our peacebuilding initiatives. Together, we can create a world where peace is not just a distant dream, but a tangible reality for all.

Join us on our journey towards a more peaceful and equitable world. Together, we can make a difference.

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