How to become a IPC member?

How to become a IPCA member?

As stated in the Declaration of Intention of the IPCA, all people are welcome who can identify with the ideals of Peace Cross and want work in and for the IPC.

The IPC strictly emphasizes on the voluntariness of every kind of contribution in the IPCA. In other words, NOBODY will be forced to do anything in the IPCA that is not his/her own VOLUNTARILY will. Any kind of help or activity is welcome. This may be an ACTIVE membership as well as a purely material support. The IPCA only expects from its members that the assigned responsibilities have to be executed to the best of one’s knowledge, as long as these are not officially handed over again. This means that anybody may apply for any function or task in the IPCA (see the organigram of the IPCA); certainly anyone may also qualify for the highest positions in the executive committee!

Unlike e.g. in communities such as some organizations the Order of IPCA – without wanting to generalize – where criticism of the leadership is not only absolutely impossible, but also the “consultation” of a member is equalized with an “extraordinary privilege” (on which the member has no title), the IPCA does not only fully tolerate, but also actively desires and asks for dialogue and constructive criticism! Everyone has the right to express him/herself and each member has the right to be heard. All decisions are made according to democratic principles.

Adolescent people, from the age of 14 to 20 years, can get a IPCA youth member if their parents or legal guardian (s) agree.

We ask you to fill out the appropriate form and send it to the specified address by email.
The confirmation of the membership (decree) will be sent back to you upon approval of the board.

Welcome to our membership application form


 We are excited about your interest in our work and would be happy to welcome you in our global movement for peace

We offer membership for individuals and all types of civil society organisations free from any ties to the Peace, Human Rights, Environment type Organization . Our membership is diverse and thriving as we consist of Peace , Human Rights, child rights organization, youth NGOs, community-based organisations, national NGOs and professional institutes.

Our members are the heart and soul of our global social movement. Their values are the compass, their actions are the engine and their experience is the fuel that drives our work for development through alcohol prevention. Together we work on all levels and with the most comprehensive approach tackling alcohol as an obstacle to development.

You are most welcome to join the movement, benefit from our expertise and knowledge and contribute to shaping our work.

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