Does China plan to invade Taiwan?

Relation between China and Taiwan has hit a new low with the US influence on the small country. If reports are to be believed, then a leaked audio clip, released by a human rights activist, born in China, has claimed that China may be contemplating attack on Taiwan.

A leading Indian daily report claimed that China’s top military general can be heard making his strategy regarding war in Taiwan. The audio clip released by the human rights activist is of 57 minutes. In the audio clip China’s top war general is discussing how to wage war in Taiwan and how to take it forward.

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China’s military People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is heard mentioning the plan of ground attack. A strategy has been made for cyber attack and use of weapons present in space. Apart from this, there is also talk of activating the citizens that China has kept in governments and institutions around the world.

Activist Jennifer Zeng has claimed in a tweet that for the first time a recording of a top secret meeting of Chinese generals has been leaked. For this, one lieutenant general and three major generals have been sentenced to death. Several other officers have been sent to jail. This audio is the biggest evidence of rebellion in the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC).

It is being claimed that this meeting took place on May 14. Its audio was first leaked by Lude Media. Lude Media says that this audio was leaked by a senior CPC official, who wanted to expose President Xi Jinping’s intentions regarding Taiwan.

Based on the conversation going on in the audio, it has been estimated that apart from the political leadership, the party secretary, deputy secretary, governor and vice governor of Guangdong province were also present in that meeting. The audio clip purportedly converts the normal status to war status.

Discussions can be heard on military planning and deployment of the army. It also mentions challenging the independent forces stationed in Taiwan and waging war if needed. In the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, a strategy was formulated to create a National Defence Mobilisation Command System, implement a war mechanism and a monitoring system.

This audio has come to the fore at a time when the infiltration of the Chinese army in Taiwan has increased a lot in the recent past. According to a report, in the month of May itself, China has sent 68 military aircraft to Taiwan’s airspace. These include 30 fighter jets, 19 spotter planes, 10 bombers and 9 helicopters.

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